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Financing a classic car

At Finanz Konzept, we closely collaborate with our clients to develop tailored loan solutions that match their individual financial needs and liquidity requirements. Instead of selling their artworks or collections, our clients leverage the equity tied up in their collateral by taking out a loan against it. They remain the owners and have the opportunity to receive up to 60% of the market value of the collateral in the form of a loan that can be used flexibly for various purposes.

Financing a classic car can be an exciting way to fulfill the dream of owning a classic automobile. Vintage cars, also known as vintage or collector’s vehicles, often have a special charm and unique history. When considering how to finance a vintage car, there are several steps to consider:

  1. Set a Budget: Begin by establishing your budget for the vintage car. Consider how much you can afford to spend both monthly and overall on the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle. Make sure to account for all costs, including insurance, maintenance, and potential repairs.

  2. Research: Find out which vintage car model interests you and what its value is. Vintage car prices can vary significantly depending on the make, model, condition, and rarity.

  3. Purchase Options: There are various ways to finance a vintage car, including:

    a. Cash Payment: If you have sufficient equity, you can buy the vintage car outright in cash. This is the simplest option, as it does not require taking out loans.

    b. Financing classic car loans: Finanz Konzept supports you in realizing your vintage car dreams.

  4. Insurance: Keep in mind that vintage cars may require different insurance than modern vehicles. Explore specialized vintage car insurance policies that provide protection for the vehicle’s value and potential appreciation.

  5. Maintenance and Restoration: Classic cars often require more attention and care than modern cars. Ensure you budget for maintenance and potential restoration work.

  6. Value Preservation: Remember that well-preserved and maintained vintage cars can appreciate in value over time. This can be a factor to consider when buying a vintage car as an investment.

Buy a classic car

Before deciding on classic car financing, thoroughly research and make sure you understand all costs and risks. A classic car can be a rewarding purchase, but it’s important to make the right decision for your financial situation.

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Process financing a classic car:




You contact us and provide the necessary documentation

We evaluate your asset and offer you a tailor-made financing package

After conclusion of the contract the disbursement takes place according to the agreed conditions